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Ok, I’m back to effortful and also joyful world of blogging after 5 years. That is the plan, at least.

Yes, it has been 5 years since I blogged last time on my Wordpress blog. It was this post. Many things have changed in the technologies I work with and many new things arosen to shared. I still continue getting hands dirty on development. I had times to coach teams to improve process and gain development skills as well as do development. I have moved completely to a remote work and I have been working more than 2.5 years remotely. It is a great experience and I like it from many perspectives. Of course, it comes with its own advantages and disadvanteges but overall I am much happier. As a nature of my current work, I have more technical things and thoughts to share with the world but also less time to write them. However, I have decided to blog more to share my thoughts, findings and the solutions so that maybe I can make more contrubiton and make someone other peoples life a bit easier.

By the way, I have migrated my blog to use my own domain name. I’ve used Hugo with a forked version of Hyde-Hyde theme. I have deployed it on Netlify, which is definetely awesome service. Simple, easy to use and free. It has a free, easy-to-configure HTTPS service

Also, I have migrated some of latest entries from my Wordpress blog, and they can be found in posts. If you are curious about how I migrated posts from Wordpress. I have used exported post from Wordpress and used exitwp to migrate to Jekyll, which requires posts in markdown format. Then, I just copied the entries to the new blog in Hugo, and fixed some formatting issues.

Happy coding